How to Stand for Something – Be Unfuckwithable

If another’s words or actions affect you in such a way that you have no choice but to react, then you are fuckwithable.

To be unfuckwithable, then, is to have choice in how you react.

When you are unfuckwithable, you can respond freely.

When you can respond freely, you can stand for something.

To be unfuckwithable, you must allow circumstances.

But allowing circumstances is not the same as ‘giving in’

To stand for something is as distinct from ‘giving in’ as it is from ‘fighting’ for something.

The secret to standing for something is to first be unfuckwithable.

When you are unfuckwithable you do not flight, fight or freeze.

When you are unfuckwithable, you speak and act in service of that which you would love.

There is both peace in your heart and a gentle and constant expression of desire.

This paradox, where you both completely allow what is while simultaneously standing for something else, is the dance of Creating.

Loving you, JP ❤️