How You Hide Behind Absurdity

If something seems absurd to you, it is likely because you would judge yourself as absurd if you were to act that way.

So behind any absurdity you see ‘out there’, sits the version of yourself that deep down you actually fear yourself to be.

That’s not you though. That just who you fear you are. Who you really are is hiding one more layer down.

We only fear things because they are relevant for us in someway.

A classics example I use when I am coaching my clients is to ask them, “Do you experience a recurring fear of being caught robbing a bank?”

The answer is always ‘no’, of course. The point is that nobody is scared of things unless they are relevant for some reason.

We only have fear around the things that we care about. Meaning things we value, desires we have or capacities we have yet to express.

If hiding behind your seeing of absurdity in the world is the truth of who you are, then as a way of coming to know yourself, it may serve you to ask…

What is absurd?

‘Absurdity’ can of course be replaced with any judgement of others.

Loving you, JP ❤️