If Previous Coaching Has Not Helped, How Would This be Different?

If you are deciding to join Creator’s Circle, but have found your previous coaching investments to not deliver the results you’d hoped, how can you be sure your ROI this time will be much better?

I truly love this concern, and if you have it, then I’d like to speak with you directly here.

What I’m about to share, if you are willing to receive it, could give you more power to create what you want for the rest of your life.


Here we go…

As long as you think that your coach has anything to do with the results you create, you will abdicate your power, create less than desired and likely continue to waste money on coaching.

Let me remind you that, as always, this is not about objective ‘truth’.

This is about where you put your attention – and what that does to you and your power.

The sooner you see that you already always create everything you get in your life, the sooner you will come into visceral contact with your power to create anything you want.

The specific concerns you have about not getting results in Creator’s Circle can be alchemised into genuine assets to not only create the most powerful coaching relationship you will ever know, but have every investment you make in yourself for the rest of your life yield 10x the results.

To speak with me about this or any other concerns regarding your desire to join Creator’s Circle, contact me now.

Loving you, JP ❤️