If You Can Build it You Can Fix it.

About 15 years ago, I was worried because I damaged something in my house. I was a new homeowner. I was telling my Dad and he said,

“Don’t worry. If you can build it, you can fix it.”

And that just let me off the hook of being even concerned. It was true. I know how to build a house. If I can build a house, I can fix anything in a house.

I was reminded of this recently in talking with my coach about my life. I saw that, actually, this applies to everything. Everything I have in my life – my marriage, my financial situation, etc – everything I have was created by me. If I can create that, then I don’t ever have to worry about losing it or it being damaged. If I created it and something were to go wrong, I could just create it again. If I created it, I can fix it.

It’s a way of letting myself off the hook for ever being worried about losing those things that I have and that I love.

Set yourself free. If you can build it, you can fix it.