Love Your Way to Riches

Today my wife Kalpna came into the kitchen, put her arms around me and began pouring a spirited flow of words into my ear. I don’t remember much of what she was saying as I was struck by her softness and lightness and outpouring of loving energy that I was more focused on that and the bump in her belly that was pressing up against mine. I’d forgotten how our hugs had become more and more angular throughout her pregnancy with our son a few years ago. While I moved my focus from her bump to her words I felt my body relaxing. She was talking about money and freedom and possibility that she felt and saw in a long meditation she had done when she’d woken up with jet lag at 1am.

Prior to her entering the kitchen, my mind had been busy thinking of all the actions I wanted to take to create all the stuff in my business I have envisioned for this year. What I hadn’t noticed was the density this thinking had created in my head and the rest of my body. As she spoke though, it melted away.

In other words, I didn’t know I’d become frozen until my wife’s warmth melted me.

Everything in my body started to flow with ease. The day ahead seemed lighter and even more inviting. From weight to push up a hill, which I was totally game for, the day ahead like a vacuum pulling me into it.

And then she said something that put the icing on the cake. It was a simple three words but the way she constructed them, unbeknownst to her, was a simple conceptual mapping. Two concepts linked by the primary verb in all language; ‘to be’.

“Money is Love”

Eureka! ? ?❤️

It was like that, when I heard it. So simple and yet it hit me profoundly.

Immediately, one of my favorite Latin words came to mind. Revenire means ’to return’ or ’to come back’ and it is the etymological root of the word revenue.

I like to use the word revenire in place of revenue because it reminds me that income is the return flow of energy or service that I put out into the world. The outcome of revinire contains within it the simple instructions for receiving it: Give.

My immediate insight from the statement my wife made was that revnire is actually the return flow of love.

My day became a vacuum sucking me forward because the day became an opportunity to simply love people.

She was feeling that, and through her flux of being in my presence, I began feeling it too. It was only towards the end of our encounter that my mind followed with meaning and words to describe it.

The experience came first.
The understanding followed.

This is how our flux of being creates our world.

We are inextricably entangled with everyone around us. Who they be goes into us and created us. We can certainly increase our capacity to have some agency in how much this occurs, but the impact to some degree is unavoidable. We are permeable beings, biologically and spiritually.

Venture not to protect yourself from the darkness of others, for the act of protecting is an expression of your own darkness.

Instead, pursue love within you and outside you. Move towards light wherever you can find it. Find what you love in your heart and go there. Find the people who love, and be with them. Whether they are living or dead, in body or media, find them and be with them.

And if you want more and can’t find any, then give it. Give love to people and it will revenire. It will come back to you in some form. It always does.

If you want love in the form of money, then get good at asking. Learn to be specific in your asking and how to ask as an act of love. Asking itself can be a way of loving people. Learn that and you’ll discover how much love and money are indeed one and the same.

Loving you, JP ❤️ ?