Make More Money Than You Need

If you are making the money you need to survive, then what may be in the way of you making even more money is the idea that making more money than you need is not OK.

Ask yourself the question formulated by Harvard psychologist Robert Keegan:

“What would be your biggest worry if you DID make more money than you need?”

You may find that you are afraid of losing people, of having too much power, of becoming responsible for others, or of becoming something you deem socially offensive. Whatever it is, locating your personal fear of making more money than you need is crucial to your freedom.

What you cannot be with will not let you be.

Life wants to grow, to expand in beauty and possibility. What could you do with the more money that you make? How could you feed that back into the world in a way that creates even more beauty, even more possibility?

Once you let go of your fear, connecting with a different world view; one of expansion instead of limitation, will liberate you to create at your highest capacity.

Loving you, JP ️❤️