Make Selling Easy – What’s Your ‘Hot Cake’?

In simple terms, here is how to have your service or product sell like ‘hot cakes’:

1. Get clear on what is the most honest, spirited and passionate expression of what YOU would love to offer.

2. Get clear on how your offering can make the most meaningful difference for people in the least amount of time.

This is the combined expression of what you most love and your greatest power (the difference you make divided by the time it takes you to make it).

This is your ‘hot cake’.

When you offer and ask people to buy your genuine ‘hot cake’, you will automatically come from an empowered and loving place.

Your ‘hot cake’ will always feel easy to talk about because it will feel like a genuine gift that you are giving.

This way of being is much more likely to create a ‘yes’ and put more money in your bank account.

Loving you, JP❤️