Master Unjudgement to Increase Revenue

Emotional discomfort when creating a new revenue stream, if not dealt with, will inevitably lead to procrastination.

This is the simple physics of how your self-judgement actively keeps new revenue out.

The way to keep out procrastination is to make emotional comfort your primary focus.

Being at ease is how you keep going, perpetually and long enough, to create new revenue.

Being at ease comes simply through a willingness to forgive anything that gets in your way.

Your primary task in all acts of long-term creation is thus to set yourself at ease – to clear away the thoughts that discomfort you.

Watch and feel for them, and when you find them, move them out.

In the space of that ease you will create.

Because this is your natural state.

You are creation unfolding.

Loving you, JP ❤️