My Top 10 Money Insights as a Coach #8 – Lead With Your Fee

When I started challenging myself by asking for higher fees, I worried that saying the ‘high fee’ upfront would scare people away. I kept my high fees a secret while I coached and served them, reasoning (i.e. hoping) that they would be so impacted by my coaching that by the time I finally told them, they’d already be hooked on the experience.

This never worked.

When I finally mentioned my fee, some people were shocked, some said they couldn’t afford it and in all cases, it was a total conversation killer.

I remember one time I had a guy say ‘YES’ as soon as I told him the fee, only to find out a few minutes later that he had misheard me. He heard $3,000 when I had actually said $30,000!

Realizing keeping my fees secret wasn’t working, I stopped hiding them.

Firstly, I was suddenly able to serve people more deeply because I was no longer distracted by what they might think/say when I mentioned my fees.

Something else awesome happened too. I noticed that the higher I said the fees for my coaching programs were, the more focus and willingness people brought to the ‘free’ conversations we were having.

The more people brought focus and willingness, the more we were able to create together – both in them and in their world.

Today, when I tell people my coaching fees range $5K-$100K depending on group or private programs, and that I will block out 90 minutes to create with them, I believe the transformative power of our conversation is greater than if I blocked out the time without ever mentioning my fees.

Not only am I sure to mention my fees early on, but I actually lead with my fee. I put a range of fees up on my website and I make sure to mention them very early on in conversations.

My intention is to create a powerful dynamic that will serve people deeply – whether or not they ever invest a single dollar in working with me.


  • Am I keeping my fees a secret?
  • When do I mention my fees?
  • Are they on my website? Am I sharing them early-on in conversation?


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