Observation is Dissolution – Transcend the Need to Do to Fix

Have you encountered the power of doing nothing?

When you experience inner conflict, the natural response is to try to solve it.

While a solution may help you get out of the problem, it will also inadvertently validate the conflict.

The way to end a struggle completely is actually to be silent. To be still. To know that you are nothing.

As your mind quiets, an inner expansiveness opens and you experience yourself to be something greater than you.

In the settling there is peace.

In peace, you access nothingness.

In nothingness, you find something.

An idea, a vision, a feeling, an impulse.

In this dance from something to nothing to something again, the conflict is dissolved completely and a new creation emerges.

This is not a solution to the original problem. That problem was completely dissolved into nothing.

This is a pure creation. From nothing.

Loving you, JP❤️