Obsessed With Forgiveness – Judgment Trumps Reason

While it may be obvious to you that judging someone is unreasonable, your awareness alone will typically not be enough to remove your judgment.

Judgment is a glue that can hold irrational ideas in place, even in the light of awareness!

So what can you do?

Practice forgiveness.

Practising forgiveness is how to loosen judgments that you can see are unreasonable but somehow stay put anyway.

Start by simply forgiving the other person for whatever it is you thought of as wrong.

As your heart opens in the space of that forgiveness, you may begin to see and feel that they weren’t actually ‘wrong‘ in the first place.

Trying to force a judgement out by proving to yourself how unreasonable it is almost never works.

Just forgive them and set yourself free.

Loving you, JP