Put Spirit on Rails – What is the Next Step?

Spirituality without action can create wellbeing but generates little results outside of you.

Action without spirit creates plenty of results, but these results are often disjointed and unfulfilling.

You can have it all though.

By integrating spirit (or intuition) with decisive action you can create success that is as deeply fulfilling as it is materially profound.

1. Focus on what you want to create.

Example: 10X revenue with less effort and more joy

2. Hold your focus as if it’s on ‘rails’ that lead to your destination.

3. Be still and quiet and ask inwardly for guidance as to what to do NEXT.

4 Take immediate action on what you feel/hear/see.

Repeat 1-4 with patience and focus until you reach your destination.

Loving you, JP ??❤️