Realise a 48 hour Day – Inside Time Vs Outside Time

You have 48 hours available to you every single day in which to work on creating yourself and your life.

How is this possible?

Through seeing through a simple distinction between two tracks of time, which I call ‘inside time’ and ‘outside time’.

Inside Time is the time clock that runs against what you are doing with your mind, on the inside.

Outside Time is the clock that runs against what you are doing with your body and voice, on the outside.

Without this distinction, you will find yourself ‘waiting’ for (outside) time so that you can work on yourself (inside).

The thing is though, most inside ‘creation’ work can be done no matter what you are doing on the outside.

To practice seeing through this distinction, begin asking yourself often, “What am I doing on the inside right now?”

See how this is distinct and independent from what you are doing in the outside.

The more you discover this independence, the more the two tracks of time will become obvious to you – and the more time you will find yourself creating to work on yourself (inside) each day.

Ultimately, there are 24 hours available on each track, making 48 hours possible in a single day. (In fact, even while sleeping, your inside time can be used more effectively – depending on how you use your inside time during the evenings.)

Loving you, JP ❤️

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