Reflection is Refraction

‘Now’ is the only thing that we really have.

The past no longer exists. The future hasn’t happened yet. Now is always where we live.

If, in the now, you are reflecting on the past in a way that makes you feel low, then you are creating ‘now’ moments of lowness.

What you experience now is what refracts the light of your being into your future.

If you are experiencing lowness now, then you refract lowness into your future.

Wouldn’t it be better to reflect on the past in a way that uplifts you instead of bringing you down? Instead of reflecting on what went wrong, try asking: What went right?

Remember, you always create everything from this moment:

Right here, right now.

If, now, your state of being is loving, light and powerful, this refracts outward and creates your future now’s as this too.

Being your most loving self now is the single most powerful action you can take in Creating.

Loving you, JP ?❤️