Remembering the Not Knowing

Five years ago I was in Spain with my girlfriend. We were doing a juice fast at a health resort.

I took my lady for a walk one evening to see the orange groves and on the way back, we caught the sun setting through a little wood.

“Go into the wood and walk back towards me!”, I insisted, opening my camera phone.

“Why?” she asked with a sigh.

“Because! It will look like you are coming out of the forest in Lord of the Rings or something! Like you are an elf!”

With a soft roll of her eyes, she smiled and obliged.

When she turned back towards me it looked better than I’d imagined. Her thin legs making shadows with the trees, the way her arms floated as if they were being lifted by air, and although small and distant in the photo, her beauty radiating like the sun.

I love looking back at photos of before we had a son and before we were married. I love remembering not knowing what our future would be. Would we be together…was this another relationship and we were having fun on holiday, but would we end up with someone else? Or would it lead to more?

I’m so glad we lead it to more!