Schedule Meetings With Your Demons

Last week, I had a meeting with my demons. We did it at the cafe around the corner from my home at 3pm on Wednesday (I’d scheduled it with them on Sunday).

The aim of the meeting was to discuss what they are trying to stop me from doing next in my life. I didn’t actually challenge them in that meeting. Instead I just sat down and talked peacefully with them. I have to admit, it was a bit deceptive on my part. When I was there, I knew all the while that as soon as I got the information I was going to hatch a plan to do the things I discovered they were stopping me from doing.

I knew I couldn’t plan on doing the things right away or even in the same day though. They would have smelled it on me. They would have gotten their claws right into my belly at the meeting. So I just kept it in the back of my mind and focused on finding out what they knew. I just went and I met with them. I ordered a coffee, and just sat and spoke to them.

I asked them things like:

“What is it you are afraid of?”

“What really, really scares you?”

They didn’t have much to say at first, but the longer I sat there, holding them to my questions, the more they started to speak. And when they spoke, I took notes. It was exciting and enlightening, but I was careful not to show too much excitement. I didn’t want them catching on.

Once I’d gotten all the information out of them that I could, and I’d filled a page in my notebook I thanked them, got up, and walked out of the cafe. The moment I was out the door, a devious smile spread across my face.

I’d tricked them. The bastards.

Immediately I began hatching a plan to undermine them. One of the things I found out was that there was someone I needed to phone. Someone whom being assertive with made me uncomfortable.

Once I’d gotten the information out of them, it was as good as done. The next day, when I picked up the phone to make the call, they got their claws into me, but since I knew it was them – since I had expected them to try to stop me – I was able to overcome them.

The demons couldn’t hold up against my awareness. I moved forward and they fell. And when they fell I felt greatness expand within me.

Schedule a meeting with your demons.

They’ll be happy to speak with you. And they’ll never see it coming when, a day or two later, you use what they told you to overcome them.