Speak See Feel

I have a simple practice I use to cultivate my experience of reality.

Just as Vipassana meditation helps you to cultivate an awareness by seeing and pulling apart your experience into components like ‘seeing, hearing and feeling’, this practice has you build a new conceptualization of reality by using the technique in a kind of reverse order.

With this practice, instead of breaking experience down, you build up experience by intentionally enhancing and entangling hearing, seeing and feeling.

I call it Speak See Feel.

The vocalisation of an idea of who you are enhances your experience of hearing it.

I am mastery of energy over time.
I am loving kindness.
I am a patient and present father.

Creating requires more than just words. You want to actually see what you declare. By imaging a context in which the concept you speak is relevant, you produce mental imagery that supports your declaration.

Creating yourself also requires more than speaking and seeing. It requires that you feel what you see too. The more you feel it, the more deeply you are inculcating a new map of reality.

In time, through repetition, you will develop a new habit of being and spontaneously respond as the person you have declared yourself to be.

Loving you, JP ❤️