Steve Hardison – The Window Cleaner

When Steve Hardison ( ) first saw me in London this weekend, he hugged me and then grabbed me by the shoulders and stared into my eyes.

If his energy didn’t feel so loving and authentic, I would have probably been weirded out. Instead I felt comfortable and curious.

Through his faintly tinted sunglasses, amongst other things, Steve said to me, “I create you everywhere I go.” 

It was intense and cryptic and I have been sitting uwith the phrase for a few days now.

“I create you everywhere I go.” 

What was Steve really saying to me?

After some silent consideration, along with reflecting on Steve’s 90 minute talk (of which he spent 60 minutes acknowledging people), is that as a coach, wherever he goes, he inspires authentic, self-expression in everyone he meets – that he opens people’s hearts so they can live freely and love can flow through them uninhibited.

I got that Steve’s whole message of ‘being who you are’ was NOT about becoming authentic to a deeper, undiscovered, intrinsic, pre-existing self.

Instead, ‘being who you are’ is about becoming translucent to the ‘one self’ that is continuously trying to unfold through each of us in its own unique way.

The modern interpretation of a ‘guru’ is someone who is held to have high intrinsic value. But the ancient guru was someone with no value at all. Instead they were a servant of spirit. They were a window through which God’s light would shine.

For me Steve Hardison is an ancient guru. He is a simple and tall man who, through willing and committed practice, has become a clear window for God – a highly conductive conduit for the unimpeded unfolding of creative potential.

It is NOT about Steve. Steve is a only a servant. He is an adept servant of love.

But if it’s not about Steve, then why my applause? Why my immense gratitude for him? Why my deep respect and acknowledgement?

My applause this weekend were also NOT for the love that came from Steve. This love was not his. He never created it. He never owned it. He just allowed it to come through him.

My applause are for the work Steve has done to clear away that which gets in the way of love. 

My immense gratitude is for Steve becoming a child again.

My deep respect and acknowledgement is for the work Steve has done to become an ancient guru.

He has cleaned his window so that spirit can shine through him.

It was powerful for me to see how Steve Hardison’s professional significance – the significance that has people lining up to pay him $150,000 for coaching – arises from a self-inflicted and love-inspired insignificance – that it is only by forgetting himself completely in the service of love that he can be who he is – and that it is by being this that he ascends to the highest power and creates the greatest impact.

When love travels through a human being and hits you unimpeded, it lights you up.

And when that light comes through bright enough – when it comes through a window that has been cleaned well over years of practice – that light can burn the soot and dust from your window too.

Light free to shine this brightly can dissolve fears.

Thank you for cleaning my window, Steve.


John P Morgan