Stop Creating the Wrong World

“Someone has to collect the rubbish.”

This is a common challenge that comes up when I suggest people just do whatever they love to do and nothing else.

The suggestion is that the world would fall apart if some people didn’t do the ‘dirty’ work. And even more so, that our world would cease to function if at least some people didn’t do stuff that they don’t want to do.

In case you are thinking this way, I’ve got two counter-challenges for you:

1. Can we really know there aren’t enough people in the world who would love to collect the rubbish?

No. We cannot.

However, for the sake of discussion, let’s pretend there just are not enough people who would love to collect the rubbish. If everyone did what they loved, we would then have a rubbish problem! Which brings me to my second challenge…

2.  Do you really want to live in a world whose sustainability depends on some people NOT doing what they love?

Personally, I would prefer to live in a world where everyone does what they love.

Other than for us humans, this is actually how the world works.

When’s the last time you saw an animal doing something it didn’t want to do? (Unless of course at the hands of a human.)

Just as water runs along the path of least resistance, life unfolds in the direction of its greatest desire.

By insisting that not everyone can do what they love, we are supporting the ongoing creation of a world that is inconsistent with the harmony of life.

Such inconsistency creates tension. It is a pendulum rising higher and higher, bound eventually to swing back.

So if YOU are not currently doing what you love – please do us all a favour and stop creating the wrong world.

Stop pretending it has to be this way.

Start creating from your own unique desire.

Right now.


  • What are you doing that you don’t want to be doing?
  • How is doing what you don’t love creating the wrong life for yourself?
  • How is doing what you don’t love creating the wrong world?