Stop Giving Yourself Should

When I use the word ‘should’ I try to use the word ‘shit’ in place of it.

It’s a reminder to me, and whoever I’m speaking to, that to use the word SHOULD is basically SHIT.

If I say… ‘I should have called’ or ‘I should’ve said that’ or ‘I should’ve not said that’ or ‘I should be doing this’… I am essentially saying that what the reality IS or WAS should be different – which is ridiculous!

It doesn’t change anything to say ‘should’. All it does is create tension in my body.

If there is something that I’m not doing that I WANT to be doing and that is true for me, or if there is something that I didn’t do that I wish I had done, then I notice it. That’s fine. It’s just an ‘oops’.

But if I notice it and then say ‘I SHOULD be doing it’, that’s like intentionally smacking myself in the face as a punishment for accidentally smacking myself in the face.

Why would I do that?

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