Stop Using Self-Discipline

For me…the only thing worse than being disciplined by other people is being disciplined by myself.

To achieve things in life, instead of using ‘self-discipline’, my focus is on removing the obstacles between myself and the things that I would love to create. These obstacles are sometimes things outside, but usually though they are my own thoughts.

What if I fail?
What if I don’t have time to also do X?
What if people don’t like me?
What if my wife gets upset? 

When I clear these obstructive thoughts out of the way, creating becomes effortless.
What is it that you would like to create?
How are you stopping that from happening?

If you do not know the answer to the first question, ask yourself every day until you do.

If you know the answer to the first but not the second question, then email me. Talk to me and I will show you how you are stopping yourself.

Once you know the answers to both these questions, you can then remove the obstacles and get on with creating.

No self-discipline is ever required.