Talk is Cheap. Integrity Creates – Coaching Jude

I didn’t tell Jude this when I was coaching her, but she and I had something in common.

Up until this coaching conversation, Jude and I had both been talking about writing a book for ages.

We thought about doing it.

We had said we would do it.

But we hadn’t done it. Or even seriously started working on it.

In this clip of me coaching Jude, you’ll see us create the insight that her book isn’t getting written because she is lacking integrity around the idea of it. In the weeks following our coaching conversation, it became clear to me that I also didn’t have a book for the same reason. Upon this insight, I brought the project into conversation with my own coach and I have since started working on it with regularity.

One of the perks of coaching inspiring people is that by helping them to create something in their own life,  I often become more able to create something new in my own life.

Thank you, Jude! I’ll race you to publishing. 😉