The Best Reason to Ask a Question

There is a far better reason to ask a question than to get an answer.

In Creating School this month we are asking the question “What do I love about this person?” each day in-part because it orients us in an outward and loving way.

In fact, the primary purpose of our asking is not what we discover through asking it – it is the state of being it creates.

As another example, when we ask “How am I creating this?” about anything in our life, we orient ourselves in our power as the creator of our circumstances.

To utilize the true power of questions, consider the following.

First, what do you want your orientation and attitude to be?

Second, what question could you ask that would require this rotation and attitude in order for you to answer it?

Try asking yourself that question regularly and engaging in the search for an answer.

This entire process – both the asking and the listening for an answer – is a means of creation.

The result is the state of your being the asking and listening for an answer produces.

Loving you, JP ❤️