The Gentle Art of Early Morning Self Cultivation


Every day I rise before the sun and sit out on our deck in the starlight with my notebook and pen. This time while my wife and sons are still asleep is golden; an opportunity to sit undisturbed and create who I will be for them and the world throughout the day ahead.

Creating and speaking the ideas of who I am and what the world is, is an act of imagineering.

It keeps my mind focused on possibility.

It is a gentle art: not an assertion of truth, but both a declaration of what is and an ask of something that is greater than me.

I speak as an invitation to possibility.

And then I listen.

…Does my body respond with resistance?

…Does my mind respond with thoughts that are counter to what I speak?

If so, I simply thank my body and my being for showing me the conflict that is present.

The more often I be with a declaration of who I am, the less often a conflict arises and the more quickly affirming examples arise in their place. As this happens, the gap closes between speaking what I AM and Being that.

If you would like to understand more deeply how this practice (which we teach in depth on our programs) can change the trajectory of your life, then we should speak.

Loving you, JPM