The Greenest Grass: This is Creating

“We have the greenest grass.”

This simple statement holds the prism of the Creating perspective up to the light.

By simply speaking it, and allowing your mind to wander with all the things it might mean and do, you can discover all the angles for Creating. 

It came through me while free-writing last week as an intuitive response to the ‘grass is always greener’ problem. 

To claim that our grass is the greenest is not a competitive advantage. It is an arrival at that place we are otherwise forever seeking. 

To have arrived is a good feeling and it is always within the power of your declaration. For experience follows thought and with the impetus of your will and speaking, you may direct that thought. 

You can arrive on any day that you’d like, by simply stating that you have.

All the counter-thoughts, the inner arguments with your statement, are good fodder to sort through for your freedom.

Fear not the instigation of conflict within by asserting that some grander life already is. Allow that conflict to be a means to a more liberated and luxurious way of being. 

By the way, this doesn’t mean that you need to fight. Within the confines of your mind, you can be like Gandhi standing before an army, allowing them to strike with sticks and not retaliating. The gentle surrender to violence within can invite that same acquiescence of will in the opponent. Your loving kindness towards your inner conflict can quell that conflict. Your simple observation and allowance can bring down the whole structure like a house of cards. 

In the soft breeze that follows, you can assert again that statement that brought the conflict in the first place.

“We have the greenest grass.”

With the prism now turned, you can see the truth of the statement that already is. You can see the seasons of the year when it’s true. You can see the miraculous and glorious green in a single blade of grass before you and be struck with gratitude for its beauty. You can see what before, blinded by conflict, you were missing. 

In this new light, with this new seeing, you feel filled with – and fueled by – love. This love moves you, too. It moves your spirit, your creativity, your body. You find yourself thinking, speaking, and acting in ways that bring more of what you have and love into being.

You find yourself with the greenest grass doing those things that bring even more of that green. 

The ships of your circumstances rise with the tide of your being. 

More and more, the grass you called yours, the grass that was already greenest, becomes greener and greener. 

Its increase never nullifies its already utmost. 

The paradox is simply this: Your already being there is the force that brings you towards it.  It carries you as a wave does; both still upon it and, at the same time, thrust forward by it. 

This is Creating.

Loving us all, JPM

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