The Only Reason to Have a Goal

If your spiritual evolution has led you to focus on the present moment, then you may have wondered what the purpose is of setting goals?

In Creating, the only reason to have a goal is to change the experience you are having now.

If attaining a goal doesn’t feel good now then how can it genuinely create a future now that does feel good?

When you notice discomfort in working towards a goal, then try this:




Notice where you are judging yourself for the fear of not meeting your goal.

Forgive yourself for this. Genuinely.

Remind yourself of your values and who you are.

Next, when you remember that it’s OK if you don’t achieve your goal and you remember who you are, look at your goal again.

Allow yourself to consider it as achieved.

See it done.

Feel it done.

Finally, once you have recreated a goal-innocent and goal-connected flux of being, take the next step towards your goal.

Remember: A goal’s only valuable function is to immerse you in living; to have you be alive in the action of life…right now.

Loving you, JP ❤️