Three New Reasons to Take Action

Do you ever find it challenging to be in action, despite knowing the results you want to create in your life?

Here are three new reasons to take action that you may not have considered before.

1) Your Learning
Over-identifying with results can lead to procrastination. Switch your focus to the value of what you will learn.

Act not for the result. Act to learn.

2) Your Possibility
The possibilities in your life are determined by how much action you take. You may or may not produce the result you want, but when you act you create the possibility for serendipity.

Act not for the result. Act to create possibility.

3) Your Identity
Who you think you are is a concept that unfolds from your witnessing of your own actions. For example, by doing what you said you would do, you learn that you are a person of integrity.

Act not for the result. Act to become who you really are.

Loving you, JP ❤️