Three Ways People Block Self Growth

Here are three common ways Creators get stuck in the process of self-creation:

Eating Without Exercise
Just as protein in your diet requires physical activity to become physical strength, so too does insight. You must action your intellectual distinctions to have them become a part of your being.

Reporting on Suicides
Running a commentary on what’s not going well in your life is a sure-fire way to keep it on repeat. Speaking what is entrenches the habit. Instead, notice, acknowledge and then immediately place your attention on speaking what you would love.

Caught in the Self-Help Paradox
Learning ways to grow yourself from a place of ‘I’m not good enough’ will never allow you to access that learning in an empowered way. The solution? Make a choice that you are 100% OK as you are right now. If nothing ever changes about you, can you be OK with that? The idea that you need to change is the obstacle to all change.

Loving you, JP❤️