True Minimalism and How to Create it

Are you hoping to create more peace and simplicity in your life?

There is great power in choosing to live simply.

Many people seek this because they are motivated by a desire to change their experience of being alive. They want a calm and still inner experience and hope that they will find it by making changes to their environment.

A popular narrative on the value of minimalism has a post-consumerist focus that centers on how much better life is when you own less stuff.

While it is true that a minimalist environment may contribute to a deeper sense of wellbeing for a number of reasons, the experience of minimalism can only be created internally, and it is available to you regardless of what you do or don’t own.

You can trick yourself into thinking you are living simplistically and minimally by having an empty home, but if your mind is full of longing and attachment then your being is cluttered unnecessarily.

True minimalism is a quiet mind, free of wanting and desire.

Loving you, JP ❤️