What Kinds of People Are in Creator's Circle?

Each Creator’s Circle is an intimate journey with 11 others, and it’s natural to wonder what kinds of people will be journeying with you.

In a number of key areas, they will be just like you.

You have a certain level of intelligence. Because I refuse to dumb down the concepts and philosophy I teach, this means that those who can naturally grasp these teachings will gravitate towards working with me in Creator’s Circle.

You are self reliant. You take action autonomously and you are not looking for accountability nor are you dependent on external motivation.

You are resourceful. Whether your current financial circumstances are abundant or not, you can problem solve and are entrepreneurial minded.

You are not broken, nor are you looking for healing or fixing. Regardless of the trials life may have brought you, you are dignified and committed to self love and self care.

You are committed to spiritual and personal growth. You already have a foundational understanding that can be built upon as we undertake our journey together.

You live (or want to live) an authentic life with coherence between the physical, emotional and spiritual realms.

You are grounded and rational with a strong desire to create materially in your world.

Whatever your race, gender or sexuality, whatever your background or story, you are welcome in Creators’ Circle.

While it matters what kinds of people join the journey, one of the most important things I teach my clients is that the kind of person someone is, is determined by you and how open and loving your heart is. The conditions you place on your loving will be stripped away when we work together and all your relationships will be transformed.

If you are ready to join us, send me a message now to let me know.

Loving you, JP ❤️