Where Are Potential Clients Hiding?

Where are all the people with the problems you can solve?

If only you knew where they were hiding, then you could go there and help them.

When you helped them, they would experience the value of your service. 

When they experienced that value, they would want more of your service.

When they wanted more, you could offer it at a fee.

When you offered it for a fee, some would pay for it.

And then you would be making more money doing what you love.


So if you knew where the people with the problems were hiding, you’d be golden.

It would all flow downhill from there.

If I could tell you where they are all hiding, you’d be interested, right?

Great, here it is:

They’re hiding in plain sight.

They’re hiding right in front of you.

They are every single person you meet.

They are the grocer who smiles at you and says hello.

They are the guy who comes to your door selling solar power.

They are the person sending spam to your LinkedIn box.

They are the random dude hitting the ‘like’ button on your posts.

They are the man or woman who says “I’m perfectly fine. I’m good.”

They are the people all around you when you’re stuck in traffic. 

There is a perfect client for you inside of everybody. 

But you can’t see them.

And that’s OK. It’s not your fault.

You can’t see them because they are hiding.

They are hiding the aspect of themselves that you could help them with.

They are hiding it inside.

Behind a veneer of “I’m good” or “I’m OK”.

They may not just be hiding it from you though. A lot of the time, they are hiding it from themselves too. 

There’s a good chance they genuinely don’t know they have something you could help them with.

If they walked by a flashing neon sign of your service, they might not notice it since it wouldn’t seem relevant.

What do you do then when everyone you could help is hiding not just from you, but from themselves too?

You’ve got to smoke them out. 

Not in the recent sense of getting high, but in the colloquial sense of using smoke to force someone out of hiding.

There are a couple of ways to do this.

Sometimes the smoke is a toxic gas that they want to get away from. This would be akin to a line of inquiry that brings into consciousness the aspect of themselves or their life they were hiding from.

You’ll know what questions to ask because they would be the questions you think to ask, which feel most presumptive and uncomfortable.

At other times, the smoke is a kind of incense whose sweet perfume beckons the aspect in hiding on the surface. This would be akin to sharing stories that resonate deeply with the aspect in hiding. That familiarity will call them out of hiding the way a brick oven pizza calls the hungry on a Friday evening.

You’ll know what stories to share because they will be the ones that come to you to tell when you’re present with a person.

In both these scenarios though, it’s got to feel safer for that aspect of the person to come out than it does to stay inside. The smoke itself isn’t enough. You’ve got to make it safer on the outside than it is in hiding.

You do this by loving them more.

There is no end to the depth at which you can love a person.

The limit to your love will be your freedom.

How free are you to love another?

How free are you to love yourself?

If you want more power to make more money, then you want to be free to love people more powerfully.

Not just so that you can provide more value, but so you can find more people to serve too.

They are hiding in the people you meet every day.

You’ve just got to love them more and smoke them out.

If you’d like help getting better at this, then spend time in conversation with me.

I’m pretty great at it. You’ll learn a lot, very quickly.

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Watching me do this with others is a masterclass in and of itself, so both these options will advance your skill and ability to find people with problems that you can help.

If you’d like to discuss these options, just reach out and share what’s on your mind.

Speak with you soon.

Loving us all, JPM