Where is Someday?

The word ‘someday’ usually sucks.

I say usually, because most of the time people use this word as a way of abdicating their power to create.

They might say they are ‘going with the flow’, but they are essentially a leaf in the wind.

I call this ‘Weak Uncertainty’.

In rare cases, some people will embrace uncertainty as a creative principle.

The word ‘someday’ can also be used as a means of loosening one’s grip on what they are absolutely committed to getting to.

They might say they are not attached to the outcome, yet they move with a vigor and zest that makes you wonder what drives them.

These individuals are not a leaf in the wind.

They are a ship sailing by wind towards a flat horizon with a definite destination.

Sailors have no fear of speaking a destination or an arrival date.

They don’t hide behind uncertainty, guiling themselves and others.

They embrace uncertainty.

I call this ‘Strong Uncertainty’.

Speaking a date by which your target will be reached is a functional act of creation.

To access Strong Uncertainty and speak commitments in time, you must face the fear of failure in arriving where and when you said you would.

As long as this fear owns you, you are destined to be a leaf in the wind.

Loving you, JP ❤️