Who Would You Be Without Who You Think You Are?

Beneath the surface of our awareness, there is a war being waged and it is directing most of our life. It is the shoddy foundation of our personality. Who we consciously think we are is merely the tip of the iceberg of who we actually are.

In the depths of our subconscious, there are conflicting identities, each born in childhood. There is who we fear we are that has us not be lovable. And there is who we believe we need to be in order to be lovable. Both are extremes and both lies.

Last Friday at the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine a short drive from my home, as an exercise in self-creation, I was meditating and contemplating who it is that I fear that I am and who I try to be in response to this.

For who I fear I am, I discovered ideas like: Bad Boy, Cry baby, Stupid, Messy, Wimpy

Within the idealized self-image of myself, I found ideas like: Good boy, Unaffected, Organized, Intelligent, Powerful

Through the cultivation of witness consciousness, you can develop to a position of object to your self-concepts, rather than being subject to them. With that capacity, you can then begin to uncover the specific dichotomies that live in you and see how they are directing your experiences and behaviors today. Simply bringing these patterns into awareness begins to dissolve them. In the light, they lose their power. Just like Gremlins. “Bright light! Bright light!”

When the dichotomy dissolves and the Gremlins die you are free to be somebody totally new.

Who would you be without who you think you are?

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Loving you, JPM ❤️