Why Am I Learning Tarot Reading?

Some of my friends have been surprised to learn that I’ve begun learning to read the tarot with Luke Jermay.

I was hesitant to share this at first in case those who know me wonder if I’ve gone a bit loopy. ??

Am I interested in being psychic and predicting the future?

No. At least, not right now anyway.

For me, the Tarot is a great tool to interrupt my habit of using logic and reason as a means for making all of my decisions. It is a way to undermine the culturally common left-brain dominance of intellectualizing and connect to the wider wisdom of my right brain wholistic interpretation of the world.

By immersing myself in the imagery of the Tarot, I am using the rich archetypes to activate and create meaning that guides me in taking actions that create my future.

One of my daily practices is to sit in silence and ‘ask and listen’ within . (You could also call it ‘praying for guidance’.)

In this same way, I’m now also asking and listening with Tarot cards.

There is nothing supernatural to this. It’s just another way into my intuition, spirit or my right hemisphere of my brain.

This is not about predicting outcomes, but about connecting with my own inner knowing that may otherwise be out of reach because it is obfuscated by logic and reason.

Loving you, JP ❤️