Why Do I Have to Pay Upfront? - Coaching as Marriage

Marriage is a container for relationship that demands growth. If something isn’t working the most available solution is always to evolve your being.

When I was younger, I resisted commitment. Then I fell in love with a wise, caring and gorgeous woman who I wanted to have kids with. She said we had to get married if we were going to have kids, so I opened to the idea and now I LOVE being married!

Our coaching relationship in Creator’s Circle is just like a marriage in many ways.

Firstly, I love being in my coaching relationships just like I love being married. It’s a different kind of intimacy obviously, but it is still intimate and I love intimacy.

Second, like my marriage, I utilize the sacredness of the relationship with my clients to grow them. When payments are made upfront, like a wedding, this is a powerful personal statement of a commitment. This ritual of commitment generates a lasting presence throughout our work that drives growth in their self-mastery.

Having paid six figures to my own coach in one chunk, I showed up at every session as if I’d just paid six figures for it. My clients experience similarly.

Third, like my marriage, a container in which you don’t have an easy way ‘out’ can hold the intensity and discomfort inevitable in the work we do. When a client is forced to finally face the ways they put their power outside of themselves, they have an opportunity to see how they keep out what they want in their life.

Our coaching relationship in Creator’s Circle – as a marriage – creates the possibility for you to liberate yourself at the deepest level and to thus access your most profound power to create.

Year on year, I see that paying in advance for Creator’s Circle encourages the self commitment and self growth that has each member alchemize their limitations into pure gold.

If you are interested in joining a Creator’s Circle, then email me jp@jpmorganjr.com and let’s talk.

Loving you, JP ❤️