Why You Still Have Not Changed

There are two ways to address the sense that nothing is changing in an area you want to grow.

First, focus on what is different rather than what is the same.

Even if the difference is only slight, by focusing on only what is different, you will be motivated to keep going and thus keep changing.

Second, let go of the goal for total or permanent change to have occurred.

Total change is impossible in that all change always contains a remnant of the past in it in some way. Certain personality traits or acquired patterns of behavior may diminish and become healthier, but they will never vanish completely

Wanting permanent change is a perpetual prison. Life is cycles of birth and death. All is impermanent. Desire for permanent wastes energy that could otherwise be used to create genuine change.

Embrace these two perceptual shifts:

1. Focus on difference.
2. Let go of total or permanent change.

Doing so will create a positive experience of change within you, from which will unfold an acceleration of actual change in you and your world.

Loving you, JP ❤️