Why You Won't Waste Money With Me

You will never waste your money if you coach with me.

Here’s the first three reasons why:

1. I am unwasteable.
2. I am that I do not waste.
3. I do not live as the expression of waste or failure.

Living this way isn’t just about a change in perception. It’s a reconceptualisation of reality, from which all experience, action and form unfolds.

Choosing to live in a reality where failure does not exist doesn’t mean that things don’t sometimes work out in a way you don’t want them to. But it does mean that your relationship to those events creates energy, attitude and capacity for productive action and influence.

When you don’t see yourself as a failure or as someone who is wasteful – when you no longer hold this negative self-view – then you create more opportunity and success in your life.

When you create yourself and your reality as beautiful and purposeful, then with a lightness of being you are free and able to make a powerful difference in the world.

I help you to see that your meta perspective – your seeing of your own seeing of yourself – can be wielded like one who paints on a canvas. Taking on the role of artist in painting who you believe you are today is what creates your tomorrows.

A major focus of our work in Creator’s Circle is on your un-waste-ability and your forever ability to create results and success.

You will not waste money with me because I am a stand for you learning to create who you are. Coming back to the Circle week after week, it is impossible for you not to learn this.

The highest value you will receive from our work together is not just your achieving specific results, it is the change in your capacity and autonomy to create whatever you desire for the rest of your life.

Loving you, JP ❤️