Working On Yourself Vs In Yourself

Successful entrepreneurs know the distinction of working ON your business vs IN yours business.

They get that there is more leverage in growing a business by slowing down and taking time to look at and improve the overall strategy and internal operations of the business than there is in simply continuing on with everything, even if it’s functioning well.

In Creator’s Circle I routinely help my clients to see that working IN yourself is as unproductive for growth as always working IN your business instead of ON it.

By working IN yourself, I mean to continue to live your life through your habituated patterns of who you think you are.

As long as you live from a habitual identity, you are unlikely to radically shift your behavior.

Working ON yourself is to go within.

Working ON yourself is to find stillness and space to reflect.

Working ON yourself is to deliberately stop, to be with yourself, to contemplate the construct of your identity and the patterns of your emotions and your psychology.

This is the path of self-creation.

Mastering your self concept – who you think you are – is the highest possible point of leverage in your life.

Everything you can attain in your life unfolds from your actions and behaviors, which all manifest from who you think you are meeting the world.

By working ON your Being (instead of always IN it) you can experience spontaneous relaxedness in situations where you would normally be triggered, selling your services can become easy, and relationships that used to be difficult can deepen with intimacy and explode with joy.

Loving you, JP ❤️