Yoda Was Wrong – Try, Do or Do Not

My coach Rich posted an update on Facebook last year about how yoda was wrong.

He was referring to the scene in Star Wars where Luke says “I’ll try” and Yoda responds saying “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Rich remarked about how his son, learning to walk, tried, fell, got up and tried again.

The suggestion was that Yoda was wrong because by denouncing ’trying’, he underestimated the power of the willingness to TRY.
And at the same time, Yoda was right too.

So many people say “I’ll try“…just like Luke, with those slumped shoulders and wobbly head. You just know they aren’t committed.

I’ll try to go to the gym. I’ll try to meditate.

What’s the difference?

Is trying good or is trying bad?

“Trying” is not the thing to judge. It is how we apply the try that matters.

What does NOT serve creation is when we apply TRY to actions and instead of results.

Trying an action means you are not committed to doing the action. Your heart isn’t in it. This is what Yoda was saying to Luke.

More subtly though, is people’s unwillingness to try to achieve a result. This is what Rich was pointing to.

We never have total control over results. Only influence at best. Thus to try for a result is all we can ever do.
“I’m not going to try to achieve that, in case I fail.”
“I’m not going to try to get super fit, because I might give up.”

You are trying in the wrong place!

STOP trying to do things.
START trying for outcomes.

When it comes to actions: Do.

When it comes to results: Try, try, try. Keep trying. Be willing to try over and over and over again.