Your Results Don’t Matter

Most coaches say “IT’S ALL ABOUT RESULTS!”

Personally, I don’t care what results you get.

Results are something that are either in the future or in the past. You cannot experience results.

In my opinion, ‘results coaching’ is actually an exacerbation of the story of separation that infects our societal psyche. It creates an attachment to outcome that puts you forward in time, taking you out of your deepest self and thrusting you into an ego-driven future.

You cannot be present when your mission is results. You cannot experience passion when you live life outside of this moment.

What I care about is that my clients are MOVING vs STATIC. I care that they are in ACTION. I care that they are CHANGING – present progressive.

And furthermore, I care that their ACTION is emerging from their heart rather than their head.

This is because I want them in flow. I want them participating in the unfolding. I want them creating.

My clients do create results, but their results aren’t always what they expect or desire. Sometimes they are greater, sometimes they are lesser, but it doesn’t matter to me because  results are not the thing.

In fact, I do not even allow my coaching apprentices to report their results each week. They can only report their actions.

As has been said by many a wise folk:

Life is about the journey, not the destination.

This is my work.

If you inquire about coaching with me, I will talk about ‘results’ with you. Secretly though, I’ll do this only to get your fears out of the way. Once you have paid your coaching fee, my focus will be on bringing you into the right here, right now, where the life you want is already happening.

I have achieved many things in life, but none of them because I was focused on results. Instead, the achievements I’ve made have emerged from being committed to where I am and what I am doing.

This is what I want to bring into your life.

Where are you, right now?

What are you doing, right now?

This is what matters.

Nothing else.