The End of Self-Help - Part 1

Last night, I woke around midnight with a series of ideas flowing through my head. They were ideas inspired by recent conversations with my wife and then stoked by an interview I watched before bed. What Kalpna and I were discussing the day prior was her insight that her relationship with her meditations was underminingRead More

What Was Me Was an Other

My relationship with the appearance of words or phrases in my mind has evolved in recent years.  Long have I considered the arising of ideas as coming from an intuitive voice that can guide us, but always have I considered the content of those ideas to be sourced from what we already know on someRead More

What is Heaven?

My son asked me what heaven was.  I explained to him that some people believe that when we die, we go to a place where we are with everyone we love and where it is peaceful and everybody is happy.  “I don’t believe that.” He’s turning eight next month and deep in the process ofRead More

How Free Can You Be?

An unopened LiteBrite is sitting on the shelf in our bedroom closet. The toy from the 80s that you or a childhood friend probably had. It is there because we keep a few good gifts in supply for when school friends’ birthdays pop up and we don’t have time to go pick something up. I’dRead More

Docatur Ambulando: A Teleology of One Memory

My wife Kalpna teases me that I have a bad memory. She may be right, but it doesn’t feel good to consider.  In her swan song keynote for the Being Movement’s Ultimate Experience event last weekend, Amy Hardison shared the romantic idea of growing old in partnership by using each other’s atrophying memory together toRead More

Being Wealthy: We Are All the Same

“Geeze, when you said wealthy, you weren’t kidding!” I said. The long palm tree-lined cement driveway had appeared at the end of a long nondescript farm road. It was a road I’d passed on the highway countless times as it was less than a mile from our home here in Maui. As we made ourRead More

The Fear of Knowing

My wife and I were sitting on the sofa of our shadow and relationship therapist Ed Fell when he asked her a question. “Do you ever feel John isn’t receiving your love?” Ding. Easy 10 points for me. She’ll certainly say ‘no’. “Yes, all the time.” “Whaaat?” I said looking straight at her. “Are youRead More

How to Create Super Power Consciousness

There is a way of loving yourself that you have only begun to understand. The opportunity for this way occurs in the present moment, always. And it is in reference not to your behaviors, your actions, or even your way of being in the world. This way of loving yourself is so close, so rightRead More

Escaping the Prison of Integrity

We like people who have integrity. We like them because we can trust and depend on them. We feel safe around them and we can achieve things with them. We like to feel safe and achieve things, and so we like people with integrity. Integrity makes you likable. For a person who ‘needs to beRead More

The Freedom to Be Disliked

If there is anywhere I don’t feel completely free, then it’s in my being free from the need to be liked by others. Likability is my Achilles heel. The truth is, there is an aspect of myself that wants everyone to like me. While this aspect still often runs the show, in recent years I’veRead More